How often should you do pest control?

Considerations for pest control:

If you want your home to be pest-free, you should have pest control done on a regular basis. Many homeowners, on the other hand, believe that pest control treatment is a one-time procedure for eradicating pests. As pest control does not affect the eggs laid by the pests, the eggs will hatch and once again the pests are found in the house. The common pests include spiders, fleas, earwigs, cockroaches, crickets, mosquitoes, gnats, pill bugs, wasps, centipedes, rodents, millipedes, bed bugstermites, carpenter ants, flies and silverfish.

The frequency of pest control often depends on the factors as seen below:

Location: In thickly wooded areas and other pest-prone areas, pest control should be done more often. Termites are attracted to such areas, hence termite control treatment should be considered.

Age of the place: Frequent pest control services are required if your home is older or prone to pests. Pestech Pest experts will inspect the property and would recommend pest control or extermination options.

Termite infestation: Inspecting the signs of termites is a simple process that involves visually inspecting the house and the experts look for structural damage signs with technological equipment such as thermal imaging camera, sounding instrument and moisture meter. If termites are found, pest control services will be necessary on a regular basis.

How often should you do pest control?

Frequency of pest control:

Pest control for the exteriors of the house is suggested every 3-4 months to prevent property damage. House interiors, on the other hand, require more intensive and regular treatments. Pest infestations in your home can be controlled with bi-monthly pest control treatments.

For severe pest infestation, monthly treatments over the period of 3-6 months are recommended.

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